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Rockent Industrial Services is a Black Economic Empowerment Company and support zero tolerance accident free shifts at all times.

We own a major interest in all operational business’s and we own all properties, resources and equipment we operate from and with.

Rockent Industrial Services, an ESSH Rated Company who has built our reputation on our ability to innovate, adapt and strive to design new solutions for challenging applications and delivering a service that exceeds our customers expectations.

Using High-Tech as well as automated, new and improved cleaning methods and equipment, supported by technical resources equipped, able and prepared to successfully complete any operation in our field.

We are leaders in the Industrial Hydro-Blasting and Vacuum (Super/Honey Sucker) cleaning environment, providing services to all Industries, local and abroad offering a one-stop solution for our customer’s needs.

Our Clients are our most valuable concern.


  • To obtain the status of being the market leader in industrial hydro-blasting and vacuum cleaning
  • To offer the best possible value at fair and realistic market related price.
  • To provide our customer with the finest workmanship and customer services in a most responsible and innovative manner.


Our services include:

  • Industrial Cleaning:
    • Vacuum
    • High Pressure Water Jetting.
  • Hydro Jetting:
    • HP – High Pressure (Up to 750 Bar)
    • UHP – Ultra High Pressure (Up to 1500 Bar)
    • SUHP – Super Ultra High Pressure (Up to 2800 Bar)
    • Vacuum Cleaning (Super Suckers)
  • Transport Services
  • Plastic Pipeline Systems: HDPE, PVC, PVDF & Polypropylene.


Our services include:

  • Industrial Cleaning:
    • Vacuum
    • High Pressure Water Jetting.
  • Hydro Jetting:
    • HP – High Pressure (Up to 750 Bar)
    • UHP – Ultra High Pressure (Up to 1500 Bar)
    • SUHP – Super Ultra High Pressure (Up to 2800 Bar)
    • Vacuum Cleaning (Super Suckers)


  • Industrial Cleaning Services: High Pressure & Industrial Vacuum Cleaning.
  • Dredging Services: Dredging & Dam Surveying.
  • Engineering Rotating Services: Fully Equipped Workshop with Global Market Leading Machinery.
  • Non-Metallic Services: All Plastic welding methods.
  • Transport Services: Normal & Abnormal.
  • Design & Manufacturing Services: Optimax P-Series Pumps.

Unique Selling Points

  • We offer a fast and effective 24-Hour Service.
  • We Operate Nationally and Abroad.
  • We support local community employment in various regions of operation.
  • We specialize in operating in non-standard environments, such as confined and restricted spaces as well as hot, cold and hazardous areas.
  • We contribute to the production value chain through tailor made services.

General Information

Rockent Industrial Services, a black economic empowerment company, was established in 2005 as a Closed Corporation and Reverted to Rockent Industrial Services (Pty)Ltd in 2020. We own all properties and equipment that we operate with and from and we pride ourselves in our long-standing relationships with our employees and our clients. We are recognised and classified as the preferred supplier amongst our clients and we are honoured to have been awarded numerous recognitions and references for our supply of services from our clients.

  • Company was established in 2005.
  • Directors: Marman Moshoadiba & Andries Pienaar.
  • BBBEE Rating: Level 2
  • SHERQ: Five (5) Star Rating.

General Staff

  • Trained motivated and encouraged to provide top services at all times.
  • Safety First.
  • Development of skills through on-going-training


  • Customer Service: Providing quality and value to satisfy the requirements of all our internal and external customers
  • Continuous Improvement: Being creative and innovative in all we do to ensure continuous learning and improvement.
  • Respect, Dignity and Equal Opportunity: Treating each other with trust and respect, upholding human dignity and embrace fair treatment and equal opportunity.
  • Participation and Empowerment: Employee participation in problem solving and decision making processes through effective individual and team empowerment.
  • Safe and Healthy Work Environment: Ensuring a safe and healthy work environment for all employees.

Code of Conduct

  • Compliance with OHS Act and regulations.
  • Support and compliance towards Safety, Health, Environment, Risk & Quality System.
  • Registration No: 2020/594582/07
  • Reverted From CC Reg No: 2005/027476/23
  • Tax No: 9054126173
  • W.C.A: 08894340501
  • VAT No: 4030219002
  • U.I.F: U500755675
  • P.A.Y.E: 7500755675
  • S.D.L: L500755675


Looking For Industrial Hydro Blasting and Vacuum Services ?

We offer a one-stop solution to maintenance management to any industrial industry by providing services through the application of hydro blasting and vacuum technology.

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