Industrial Cleaning:

Rockent-Find-Out-More Heat Exchanger Cleaning – (HP, UHP & SUHP).

Rockent-Find-Out-More Pipe and Tube Bundle Cleaning.

Rockent-Find-Out-More Rigid & Flexi Lance Cleaning

Rockent-Find-Out-More Air Heater Cleaning

Rockent-Find-Out-More Condenser Cleaning

Rockent-Find-Out-More  Boiler & Turbine Cleaning

Rockent-Find-Out-More Pressure Testing

Rockent-Find-Out-More Vessel & Tanks (Confined Spaces)  Cleaning

Rockent-Find-Out-More Endoscope, Leak Detection & Drone Surveying Services

Rockent-Find-Out-More  Automated Cleaning systems – New & Improved cleaning methods

Industrial Vacuum Cleaning (Super Sucker):

Rockent-Find-Out-More Vessel, Tank & Dam Desludging & Cleaning

Rockent-Find-Out-More Liquid & Solid Product Removal

Rockent-Find-Out-More Vacuuming & Transport of Hazardous & Non-Hazardous Waste & Materials

Rockent-Find-Out-More  Registered & Certified to dispose at all Major Landfill Sites & Provide Safe Disposal Certification

Dredging, Survey of dams:

Rockent-Find-Out-More Complete survey studies, report & maps

Rockent-Find-Out-More  Dredging services in accordance with the above mentioned survey study report and or case-specific requirements of the clients.

Engineering Rotating Services:

Rockent-Find-Out-More Mechanical Engineering

Rockent-Find-Out-More  Product Support & Maintenance

Rockent-Find-Out-More  Design & Engineering Drawings

Rockent-Find-Out-More  Reverse Engineering

Rockent-Find-Out-More  Troubleshooting

Rockent-Find-Out-More  Manufacturing & Assembling

Rockent-Find-Out-More Quality & Document Controlo

Workshop Services:

All workshop services are inclusive of engineering support with quality control certification & documentation. Our workshop provides the following services:


Rockent-Find-Out-More Turning

Rockent-Find-Out-More  Milling

Rockent-Find-Out-More  Slotting

Rockent-Find-Out-More  Surface Grinding

Rockent-Find-Out-More  Line Boring

Rockent-Find-Out-More  Gear Cutting


Rockent-Find-Out-More Pumps

Rockent-Find-Out-More Gearboxes

Rockent-Find-Out-More Blowers/Fans

Rockent-Find-Out-More  Shafts

Rockent-Find-Out-More  White Metal Bearings

Non-Metallic Services:

Rockent-Find-Out-More Plastic welding, manufacturing and repairs on HDPE, PP, PVDF & UPVC

Rockent-Find-Out-More  Butt welding, Hot air welding, Electro fusion welding, Extrusio welding & Socket welding

Transport Services:

Rockent-Find-Out-More Low-bed transport services. Abnormal & Normal

Rockent-Find-Out-More Rollback & Dropside transport services

Sole Designer, Manufacturer & Part Supplier of the Optimax P-Series:

Rockent-Find-Out-More 1 000 – 1 400 Bar

Rockent-Find-Out-More 194kW

Rockent-Find-Out-More1 500 rpm

Rockent-Find-Out-More 26 mm Plungers

XXLTC Bundle Cleaner


Peinemann 2 Lance Tube Cleaner

Outside Bundle Cleaner

We are registered with the following institute’s

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