Our Services

Our Services Include:

Rockent-Find-Out-More High and Ultra High Pressure Hydro Jetting.

Rockent-Find-Out-More Heat Exchanger Cleaning – (HP, UHP & SUHP).

Rockent-Find-Out-More Pipe and Tube Bundle Cleaning.

Rockent-Find-Out-More Condensor Cleaning: Riged and Flexi – Lance Automated.

Rockent-Find-Out-More Drain and Floor Cleaning.

Rockent-Find-Out-More Boiler Cleaning / Tank Degassing.

Rockent-Find-Out-More Surface & Structural Preparation.

Rockent-Find-Out-More Vessel, Tank, Sump & Dam Cleaning – Desludging.

Rockent-Find-Out-More Short and long distance transport services

Rockent-Find-Out-More Catalyst Handling.

Rockent-Find-Out-More Cyanide Handling.

Rockent-Find-Out-More Chemical Cleaning.

Rockent-Find-Out-More Hazardous Material Transportation.

Rockent-Find-Out-More Hazardous Material Vacuuming, Transport and Disposal.

Rockent-Find-Out-More FCCU Shutdown Work.

Rockent-Find-Out-More Low Bed transport services up to 60 Ton

Rockent-Find-Out-More Plant Hire & Earthmoving

Rockent-Find-Out-More Mechanical Horses with Side Tippers – Short & Long Distance transport services

Plant Hire & Earthmoving:

Rockent-Find-Out-More Front End Loaders

Rockent-Find-Out-More TLB’S

Rockent-Find-Out-More Bobcat’s

Rockent-Find-Out-More Excavators

Rockent-Find-Out-More ADT’s

Rockent-Find-Out-More Water Trucks

Rockent-Find-Out-More Graders

Rockent-Find-Out-More Dozers

Rockent-Find-Out-More Rollers

Rockent-Find-Out-More Mechanical Horses

Rockent-Find-Out-More Side Tippers, Backslide Tippers and Interlinks

Rockent-Find-Out-More Low Beds

Rockent-Find-Out-More Flat Decks

XXLTC Bundle Cleaner


Peinemann 2 Lance Tube Cleaner

Outside Bundle Cleaner

We are registered with the following institute’s

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